Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Members Mopars: Mike's 2004 Neon SRT-4

Members Mopars: Mikes's 2004 Neon SRT-4

My name is Mike Anderson and I never understood why my family always talked about there ol' muscle Mopar's they wish they still had... Till I picked up my 2004 SRT-4 in 2006. Blown away, speechless, amazed and it was stock. Well 7 years later I still own Christine and its far from stock. Drag racing got a hold of me and parts started being added when the bills were paid. I know this car as well as many other SRT4's have stunned and angered other racers at the 1320. We are just like every other Mopar junkie.. just we have 4 cylinders. I'm proud to own my mopar and always will be. Picture was taken at All Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle PA