Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Reader's Rides: 2010 Challenger

Dejablu is my girl! She's a 2010 with a 3.5 ltr V6. I just thought I was buying a car, little did I know it was a whole new lifestyle. I joined a Modern Mopar club and learned a new word..."mod"...it all went crazy from there. Little things at first and then bigger things as I learned about the LX platform. Her biggest mods are the DiabloSport Predator Tune, The Mopar cold air intake, the Eibach Pro Plus kit and the Status Retro rims which are staggered 22s with 10 1/2 in on the rear. I started showing early on in the modding process and was shocked to start winning trophies! She has a Lucky shamrock and dragonfly theme which is tastefully carried out in all aspects. Including a "tramp stamp" on the spoiler and custom colored and engraved Billet Tech in the hood and interior. I even have a tattoo to match! I changed as a person because of Dejablu. I am happier and more outgoing and have so much confidence now because of the friends I've made in the car community because of my Challenger.