Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2016 SRT Cuda

After years of speculation today I finally received word from a unnamed but reliable source of mine that we will see a all new vehicle only available to SRT. The vehicle as you probably guessed it is the 2016 Cuda, the image above is the closest rendering to the actual production car. The Cuda will be roughly the same size as the 2015 Ford Mustang and will come in two engine choices. The first will be the standard choice, the 470-hp 392 6.4 L SRT8 Hemi V8, the second and more exciting engine choice will be the Supercharged Hellcat engine with a amazing 670-hp. As you may have noticed from the rendering above the Cuda has a more modern design, this is so the Challenger can keep the retro theme and we get a new vehicle that wont directly compete against it. Expect to see some spy shots of this beauty popping up in the next few months.

April Fools.


  1. April fools.....thats just wrong!

  2. I want one with an improved 5.7 with 430 HP and 430 torque

  3. I know the numbers are to close to their SRT, BUT, This is how to compete with the regular GT and SS. I don't feel many people will be able to afford the SRT label as they are super car numbers and price. The SS and GT are very fast, fast enough and will still rake in most sales until MOPOR can compete dollar for dollar in the pony car wars