Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Future of Dodge

Today Chrysler announced that Dodge is becoming the performance brand it should of been from the Start. SRT will no longer be a standalone brand and become apart of Dodge once more, this means the SRT Viper is once again the Dodge Viper. To even farther Dodge as a performance brand they are getting rid of the Grand Caravan and the Avenger has already ceased production. They less sporty cars like the Dart and Journey will be getting a overhaul and a SRT form. The Dart SRT will be getting all wheel drive and a new standard engine. The Journey will be completely redesigned in early 2017 and the new sportier model will also receive a SRT trim. The Charger and Challenger are due for a complete redesign in 2018, and will be receiving the 6.2 supercharged engine here in the near future.