Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Future of SRT

Today Chrysler announced that SRT will once again become part of Dodge, this is to make Dodge the performance brand within Chrysler. A few media outlets such as Jalopnik reported that Chrysler was killing SRT and it was to be no more, this is not the case Ralph Gilles tweeted that "SRT is not dead at all... infact it will get the resources it deserves." With SRT now being a Dodge trim only it removes the SRT 300 and Grand Cherokee from the mix, we are not sure if those brands will continue to have those engine options and just be labeled something else. We would hate the see the SRT 300 and Grand Cherokee disappear and it almost makes no sense to do so, the Grand Cherokee is a solid seller for SRT. Other important news the Viper will come back to Dodge and will get a refresh for 2016, and we will see two more vehicles wear the SRT badge the Dodge Dart and the refreshed Dodge Journey. We also have proof of the rumored 6.2 Supercharged engine, no stats but Chrysler has provided us with the image below. 

*Update* Detroit news claims that the Chrysler 300 SRT will cease production but the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT will remain.