Friday, August 14, 2015

Hot Wheels 15 Dodge Challenger SRT "Hellcat"

The 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat is the most powerful muscle car ever, and is very reasonable with a MSRP of $59,995. Even with this low price tag for such an extreme vehicle some will never be able to own the 707 horsepower beast. That is until now, Hot Wheels is the first to create a Hellcat diecast car that we all have been waiting for. With a price tag of under a dollar just about anyone can own this iconic American muscle car. If you look closely at the packaging you may notice that the car is marketed as a "15 Dodge Challenger SRT" they completely leave out the Hellcat name on all of the packaging. This isn't very surprising seeing that Hot Wheels makes toys for children and some people might find the name "Hellcat" offensive, and we call these people idiots. Regardless Hot Wheels chose to take the high road and avoid offending the little minds of children. If you look at the images below the car is clearly the Hellcat, you can tell by the front end and lower chin spoiler, the signature 3 scoop hood, and most obviously the Hellcat head on each side. These cars are at stores and are available with a little searching, if you do not wish to pay the online premium go check out those walmart bins. Enjoy the images below and happy hunting for your pocket sized 707 HP dream car!