Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Coronavirus Puts The Brakes On WAM Car Show

From WAMs facebook page.
"**WAM2020 Update**
It is with a heavy heart that we announce that the City of Fort Worth has just declared a state of emergency, and has instituted a ban on all gatherings of more than 500 people due to COVID-19. As you know, Texas Motor Speedway is located in Fort Worth, Texas, so we have no other choice but to postpone WAM2020.
We fought hard the past few days to implement every possible precaution to keep the show up and running for all of our excited Mopar owners, but unfortunately, the State of Texas made the decision to ban large events, and left us no option. We wholly support our local and state governments who have taken these measures ultimately to protect our event attendees, vendors and spectators. We will comply with this new mandate as ordered.
We would like to extend a thank you to everyone for your support of WAM2020. We would also like to thank TMS for their commitment to our event, and willingness to help us work through these last couple of days. TMS has been incredible with making information available to us real time & fielding daily (hourly!) calls and emails to keep us informed of latest developments and offered options and guidance at each step.
In anticipation of Fort Worth following its surrounding counties’ declaration on large events, we have already been able to secure a tentative date to reschedule WAM2020! We are in the process of finalizing Saturday, August 8, 2020, as our new show date.
All purchased registrations, event features, and spectator tickets will be transferrable to the new show date. You will receive an email with the updated registration information. If you are unable to attend on August 8, 2020, you will have the option to transfer your purchased tickets to another individual. Please email us at with change requests, or to discuss other options.
Additionally, we have already spoken with both host hotels, and they will be cancelling our reserved block on Monday. That means that anyone who booked under the reserved block will automatically have their room cancelled, with NO FEE assessed. Once the details are finalized with the host hotels, we will post a new link for you to reserve your stay for the new dates.
**If you booked at a hotel other than the Marriott Champion Circle, or the Marriott Solana, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR HOTEL IMMEDIATELY TO CANCEL. We did not have an agreement with other hotels that would allow us to handle the cancellation for you.**
We appreciate your patience and kind support while the new arrangements and details are being confirmed. As always, once information is available, we will post immediately for everyone to have the most current and up to date information regarding WAM2020. "