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About The Mopar Man
The Mopar Man was created on December 5th 2011 and has grown rapidly since then, The original goal of the page was to give Moparians one place to go to look at cars, get news, hear rumors, and chat with other automotive enthusiast in one place. Today we have over 28,000+ fans and continue to grow everyday, we are one of the largest Mopar only pages on Facebook and we now have our own website. We are a ambitious group who love Mopar and expect to see big things from this page in the near future.

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  1. Hi yes My name is Ronnie i have a 09 Dodge RT challenger, an i have PCM issues, i Purchase one on line because my's went out, the one i purchase giving me problems to where the car will not start,i sent it back in 4 time to Car Computer still no luck.Can you guys give me some input on a good equity PCM company. Thanks